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Asian Jumping Worms

Asian Jumping Worms, also known as Crazy Worms or Alabama Jumpers, are an invasive species that has become a major problem for gardeners in Bloomington. These worms can quickly and drastically alter the soil composition of your garden, leading to the decline of plant health and diversity. In this blog post, we will discuss how to get started in dealing with the threat of Asian Jumping Worms in your Bloomington garden.

What Are Asian Jumping Worms?

Asian Jumping Worms are a type of earthworm that is native to East Asia. They were first introduced to the United States in the early 1900s, but they have recently become a more significant problem in many parts of the country. Unlike other earthworms, Asian Jumping Worms have a voracious appetite and can quickly consume large amounts of organic matter, leaving behind a granular, grainy soil that lacks nutrients.

Indentifying Asian Jumping Worms?

Asian Jumping Worms are easily identifiable by their unique characteristics. They are typically dark brown or black in color and have a smooth, shiny body that resembles wet coffee grounds. They also have a distinctive way of moving, which is by wriggling and jumping when disturbed.

Getting Started with Dealing with Asian Jumping Worms.

If you suspect that Asian Jumping Worms have invaded your garden, here are some steps to take to get started in dealing with the problem:

Monitor Your Garden: Regularly inspect your garden for signs of Asian Jumping Worms. Check the soil for the presence of coffee ground-like material and watch for any unusual movements or behavior in your earthworm population.
Avoid Using Them as Fishing Bait: Do not use Asian Jumping Worms as fishing bait or dispose of them in natural areas. This can lead to further spread of the invasive species.
Use Preventative Measures: To prevent the introduction of Asian Jumping Worms in your garden, avoid purchasing soil or mulch that may be contaminated with their cocoons. Consider using a physical barrier such as a mesh screen to prevent their entry.
Consider Chemical Treatment: There are currently no organic methods for controlling Asian Jumping Worms, so chemical treatments may be necessary. Contact a professional landscaper to discuss the available options.
Use a Diverse Planting Strategy: Plant a diverse range of plant species in your garden to help maintain a healthy ecosystem. This can help to support a wide range of organisms, including earthworms and other beneficial soil organisms.


Asian Jumping Worms are a serious threat to the health of your garden in Bloomington. By monitoring your garden, avoiding the use of Asian Jumping Worms as fishing bait, using preventative measures, considering chemical treatment, and using a diverse planting strategy, you can get started in dealing with the problem. If you suspect that your garden has been invaded by Asian Jumping Worms, contact a professional landscaper to assist with diagnosis and treatment. With care and attention, you can protect your Bloomington garden from the threat of invasive species.