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“The people at Wells Lawn Care are professional and courteous. They are available to answer any question from budget to the care of new plantings to planning for upcoming seasons.” ~ Judy R.

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Some of the most frequently asked questions

Is there any cost to get a quote?

Nope!  Doesn’t matter if its mowing, fertilization, mulch, or landscape cleanup.  Our mowing and fertilization quotes are provided in minutes over the phone at 812-272-9336. Landscape work will require either a site visit or an appointment.   If your job requires design work, retainer fees are $500 to secure landscaping design services.  However, half of this design fee can be credited toward your project.  Tell us what you want and we’ll take care of the rest.

What does an auto renewal contract mean?

It means that after you sign on this year, you’ll be covered without having to fill out paperwork ever again. Our seasons run each year from March – November. Mowing and fertilization services are auto-renewing contracts between Wells Lawn Care (WLC) and the client (you!) As before, you still have the option to stop services at any time after a minimum of 8 mowing services, 4 fertilization services, or payment for those services.

Do you have any discounts?

Yes!  For all mowing, fertilization, or seasonal maintenance plans we offer a 3% discount for pre-pay.  If you don’t want to pre-pay, our automatic payment plans take the stress out of invoicing while also providing lower monthly payments compared to a “price per service” approach.  After you sign up, we take care of the rest and you don’t need to worry about service dates, billing, scheduling, or poor weather.  We make it easy!

Is our staff trained?

Highly trained!   All new hires go through 30 hours of training on safety, equipment usage, and proper procedures.  All our applicators are licensed and complete annual education classes.  We set up our routes so you have the same team member visiting your route week after week. And our employees love our clients!   We want you to feel safe, comfortable, and confident in the services we provide.

What happens if my lawn is scheduled on a rain day?

Our job revolves around the weather and we do our best to provide services around Mother Nature’s schedule. If your service falls on a rainy day, we’ll show up the next available day.  Sometimes the spring can play havoc with a schedule.  Luckily our crews are stationed throughout town so we’ll be there when the sun comes back out.

Is fertilization safe for kids and pets?

Our industry is highly regulated and our applicators have passed state exams and attended courses at Purdue University. When we apply, we’ll leave a flag in the lawn and a flyer on your door.  This will have all the information about what we applied and when we applied it.  We ask that you stay off the lawn for 3-4 hours following an application.  Once the product has dried, it’s rain fast and there’s no transfer of product from the grass to your shoes or pets.  We take our commitment to your family and the environment seriously. Learn more about our lawn fertilization services here.

How much watering is needed for my new plants or lawn?

Depending on the time of year your installation may require additional watering daily or maybe once a week.  We work with you throughout the entire process and will provide all the information needed to make sure your new investment is setup for success.

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