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Lawn Aeration & Overseeding Services

Is your lawn appearing weary and sparse?

Aeration and overseeding might be a good option for your grass. Over time, lawns may start to show signs of fatigue, where areas of the grass is becoming thin.

Let Wells Lawn Care transform your lawn. Request a free quote online or call us at (812) 272-9336. We provide aeration and overseeding services in Bloomington, IN, and surrounding areas.

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Aeration Benefits

Aeration is a crucial step in achieving a healthy and vibrant lawn. This process involves perforating the soil, which creates small holes that allow essential nutrients, water, and air to reach the grassroots more effectively.

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Loosens Packed Soil

Core aerators pull out small plugs of soil, making room for air, water, and nutrients to reach deeper into the soil.

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Stronger Roots

Creating openings in the soil, the core aerators will encourage the roots to grow deeper, and become healthier.

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Water & Food Absorption

Holes made by the core aerators let nutrients and water into the soil, making the grass healthier

Overseeding Services

When we aerate your lawn in the fall, we also overseed the grass. Regularly spreading new grass seed is key to maintaining a lawn that looks its best.

We have a few options available for seeding, they are the following:

Our Three Seeding Options


This machine method uses special equipment with rows of blades that go into the soil, making openings to make sure seeds touch the soil just right.

Besides helping seeds grow better, this way of planting is great for lawns that don’t have much grass or have uneven spots.

Broadcast Overseeding

After we aerate the lawn, we use special spreaders to evenly spread grass seeds in the aerated area. Rain or watering helps break up the soil plugs, making sure the seeds touch the soil well.

This type of overseeding is good for lawns that already have a lot of grass and are thick. Doing this every year helps keep the lawn lively and strong.

Dormant Seeding

Wells Lawn Care also offers the option of dormant seeding. This method, we spread grass seeds on lawns that are resting during the winter. The seeds settle into the soil as it thaws in the spring.

Dormant seeding is a smart way to get your lawn ready for the next growing season. It helps the seeds start growing early and encourages the lawn to bloom in the spring.

Overseeding Benefits

Overseeding involves spreading additional grass seed over an existing lawn. This process is typically done to improve the density of the grass, enhance its appearance, and address issues such as bare patches or thinning areas.

Improved Grass Density & Appearance


Introducing new seed, filling in thin or bare areas promotes a fuller, denser lawn.


Additional seed contributes to a lush green appearance.


Different grass varieties can be selected for seasonal adaptability, ensuring the lawn remains green and healthy throughout the year.

Resistance & Resilience


A thicker lawn acts as a natural barrier, making weed growth difficult to grow.


Introducing diverse grass varieties aides in the lawn's resilience to diseases.


Overseeding helps lawns recover from environmental stressors, promoting a resilient turf.


An effective way to rejuvenate areas of the lawn that may be worn or damaged, contributing to more consistent and even growth.

Long-Term Savings


Overseeding is a proactive measure to maintain a healthy looking lawn.


Most commonly performed in the fall, as cooler temperatures and consistent moisture create favorable conditions for seeds to grow and make a strong foundation.


Well-maintained lawns may require less maintenance and resources over time, leading to the potential cost savings.

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