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We are so thankful and appreciative of the landscaping work which was just finished around our home. It looks so pretty, and we have already received several compliments on it. It was such a pleasure to work with Derek, share ideas, and then have the agreed upon design implemented. We will be forever grateful for their artistic work, as well as manual labor. Well done, Wells Lawn Care & Landscaping!” – Debbie S.

Bloomington Landscaping Design Company

Welcome to Wells Lawn Care!

Welcome to Wells Lawn Care! We are a family owned landscaping company based right here in Bloomington, Indiana. For over 15 years we have been providing Bloomington residents with expert lawn care and landscape design services. Our landscaping team will travel anywhere in Bloomington and the surrounding areas to meet any outdoor landscaping need our clients may have. We take pride in the landscaping services we provide, and so will you. At Wells Lawn Care you can get the landscaping service you need to achieve the outdoor space you want. From custom landscape design, to construction and installation, you can get everything you need from one place.

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Our Bloomington, IN Landscaping Services

Wells Lawn Care offers a complete menu of services for all of your landscaping needs from basic landscaping and mulching around your house to building a backyard oasis.

Mulch Landscaping with plants and a gravel path

Wells Lawn Care and Landscaping offers an affordable and attractive solution to combat weeds, boost plant health, conserve moisture, and enhance curb appeal. Our high-quality mulch not only looks good but also effectively prevents weeds from taking root on your residential or commercial property. Contact us for a FREE estimate.

Beautiful yellow flowers
Flower BEDS

Bring vibrance to your garden with the magic of flower beds! These beautiful additions bring bursts of color and charm to your outdoor space, all while creating a welcoming home for essential pollinators like bees and butterflies. Improve your curb appeal and contribute to a greener, more sustainable environment. Schedule your free consultation today!

Corner of yard landscaping with a gravel path, plants, and a tree

Add character and beauty to your lawn with Wells Lawn Care and Landscaping! Our team specializes in bringing life to your Bloomington home with carefully selected trees, shrubs, colorful flowers, and a variety of other plantings. Whether you’re looking to enhance your curb appeal or simply upgrade your landscape, we have the knowledge and creativity to make it happen. Let us bring your vision to life.

Landscaping around the edge of the house with freshly pruned shrubs

At Wells Lawn Care and Landscaping, we understand the importance of proper tree pruning to ensure the longevity and beauty of your plants. Our skilled team is equipped to expertly trim and prune your trees, promoting healthy growth and maintaining their aesthetic appeal. By trimming away dead or overgrown branches, we not only help your trees thrive but also enhance the overall look of your landscape. Trust us to keep your plants looking their best.

Landscape with mulch and new plants that are labeled

Improve your outdoor space with expert plant installation services. Discover the difference with Wells Lawn Care and Landscaping. We will help you select the perfect plants for your Bloomington home, ensuring they are installed with precision and care. Whether it’s picking out the right colors, creating a privacy wall with shrubs, or incorporating trees throughout your lawn for shade, we have you covered. Contact us today to get started!

Front view of landscaping done with mulch, plants, a gravel walkway

Looking to redo your home’s landscaping but not sure where to start? We can help. Our landscaping team will create gorgeous plant arrangements for your home. Whether you envision a colorful flower bed, a quiet garden, or a modern landscape design, we can turn your ideas into reality. With over 20 years of landscaping experience, you can trust Wells Lawn Care and Landscaping for all your plant design needs. 

Rock and mulch landscape bed with plants, a water fountain, and large boulders as the perimeter

Enhance your yard with rock bed installations from Wells Lawn Care and Landscaping! We’ll work with you to get the assortment and look you’re looking for. Add texture, depth, and low-maintenance beauty to your home with our hand-picked rock beds. Whether you’re aiming for a garden with minimal maintenance or seeking to create a unique focal point for your outdoor space, we can make it happen. Upgrade your yard today with our creative rock bed arrangements.

Close up view of the river rock walkway

If you’re looking to add that perfect finishing touch to your landscape beds but aren’t quite sure what’s missing, we’ve got you covered. We specialize in installing river rocks to give your landscape a polished and stunning look. Our carefully selected rocks not only enhance the aesthetics but also provide essential benefits for your plants. We use small, thoroughly screened rocks to ensure they are clean and free from dirt. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about our rock installation service.

Firepit with boulders around the perimeter

Make a bold statement in your landscape with boulders from Wells Lawn Care and Landscaping. Whether you’re looking to create a striking focal point, add natural beauty, or enhance the structure of your outdoor space, our boulders can do it all. With a variety of sizes and shapes available, we’ll work with you to find the perfect fit for your home. Improve your landscape with the timeless appeal of boulders—Call Wells Lawn and Landscaping for assistance with your landscaping boulder installation!

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