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Lawn Mowing Services

I used Wells Lawn Care for mowing services and would highly recommend them to others. Very reliable and took great care of my lawn.” – John O.

Professional Mowing Services in Bloomington, IN

Welcome to Wells Lawn Care!

Welcome to Wells Lawn Care and Landscaping, your trusted provider of top-quality mowing services in Bloomington, IN. With our experienced team of professionals and commitment to excellence, we are dedicated to keeping your lawn beautifully manicured and well-maintained throughout the year. Whether you need regular mowing, precise trimming, or thorough cleanup, we offer comprehensive services to enhance the beauty of your outdoor space.

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Lawn Mowing Services


Our Mowing Services

At Wells Lawn Care and Landscaping, we provide a range of mowing services designed to meet your specific lawn care needs.

Our Services Include:

Mowing and Trimming

Our team is equipped with high-quality mowing equipment to ensure a clean and precise cut for your turf. We mow your lawn at the appropriate height to promote healthy growth and maintain an aesthetically pleasing appearance. We also take care of trimming around obstacles and edges to give your lawn a polished look.

Edging of Concrete Drives and Walkways

We understand the importance of well-defined borders. Our team meticulously edges all concrete drives and walkways, creating crisp lines that enhance the overall neatness and visual appeal of your landscape.


Once we finish mowing and trimming, we perform a thorough cleanup to remove any clippings or debris from your lawn, driveways, and walkways. We leave your outdoor space looking pristine and well-maintained.

Auto-Renewing Contract with Flexible Cancellation

With our auto-renewing contract, you can enjoy the convenience of ongoing mowing services without the hassle of having to renew the contract each season. Our contract ensures that your lawn care needs are consistently met, providing you with peace of mind. Additionally, we offer the flexibility to cancel the contract at any time, giving you control over the duration of our services.

Average 30 Visits Per Season

We understand the importance of regular lawn maintenance. On average, we provide 30 visits per season to ensure that your lawn remains healthy and well-groomed. Our consistent and reliable service ensures that your lawn maintains its optimal condition throughout the year.

Easy Monthly Payments and Pre-Pay Discount

At Wells Lawn Care and Landscaping, we strive to make our services convenient and accessible for our customers. We offer easy monthly payment options to simplify the billing process. Additionally, we provide a 3% discount for customers who choose to pre-pay, allowing you to enjoy savings while maintaining a well-manicured lawn.

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For professional mowing services and exceptional lawn care, trust Wells Lawn Care and Landscaping. We are dedicated to transforming your lawn into a well-maintained and visually appealing outdoor.

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Trust your space to a state-certified & client awarded local Lawn Care & Landscaping Contractor with experience to simplify the process.


What People Say

“I’ve used Wells’ Lawn Care & Landscaping for several years now and I am always impressed by their personal and professional manner and their care of my yard and lawn. In addition to regular mowing and lawn maintenance, I’ve contracted Wells’ for mulching, weed removal, tree limb trimming, and yard waste removal. “

– Bill E.

“Derek and his crew are amazing! We’ve used a variety of their services throughout the years: weekly lawn mowing, river rock installation, fall cleanups. And every time they leave our lawn looking perfect.”

– Tiana D.

“We hired Wells Lawn Care due to an untimely mower malfunction. They had us on their schedule within a week, had our yard completed within an hour, took the overgrown areas with grace, and their staff was very polite.”

-Tianna C.



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