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Winding Down

As the gardening season winds down, there are still some important tasks that require attention. Mowing and watering should be maintained until the ground freezes up – this is particularly critical for newly planted flowers, trees, shrubs, or perennials as they must have sufficient moisture reserves to survive winter dormancy. Regular pruning and cleaning of your garden beds will also ensure a healthy start come springtime! As the leaves start to fall, it’s time for gardeners and homeowners alike to get busy! Fallen leaves should be recycled – either being mowed into bits or raked up as mulch or compost. To further speed decomposition in larger-leafed trees such as oak and maple, consider shredding them before adding them to your compost pile. Pruning of dead branches can also help with preparing woody plants for winter freeze while cleaning gardening tools will keep their performance at its peak all year round – a perfect finishing touch to any autumnal effort!


As temperatures drop, give your gardening tools the TLC they need to survive the winter months. Start by scrubbing down blades and handles with soap and water or a steel wool pad – typically used for cleaning barbeque grills. Then protect wood handles from drying out by rubbing on some linseed oil before storing them away! And don’t forget to sharpen those precious items now too so you’re good to go come springtime when eagerness returns anew. To make sure garden hoses last through cold weather too, drain any remaining water from inside then hang them up in order to dry fully prior to storage; otherwise, negligence will likely lead to them cracking or splitting during icy conditions ahead!

What about equipment?

To ensure peak performance and extend the life of your fertilizer spreader, take care to rinse it thoroughly with water and then dry it after each use. For pesticide sprayers, make sure you also allow any excess product inside them to drip out before storing away over winter–this will avoid clogged nozzles or hoses that can be harder to unclog later on down the line. Always follow the instructions listed on a chemical label regarding disposing of unused chemicals in the sprayer for safe usage!

Mower Storage

If you’d like to keep your mower functioning optimally this winter, be sure to drain or stabilize the fuel. Fill up the tank and add a stabilizer product for optimal performance; when done, make sure it runs for a few minutes so that everything reaches proper levels in order for safe use. Additionally, change oil regularly and dispose of used supplies at an authorized recycling center near you – don’t forget about cleaning off debris from blades/mowing decks with thick protective gloves! If applicable to your machine type: batteries should also receive regular charging through any downtime periods over winter while lubricating moving parts will help maintain efficiency as well. Finally if not already completed yet before storing away until springtime arrives again then consider taking care of plugs & filter replacement plus sharpening those blades once more too!